Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Speculative realism/speculative materialism - second annual report.

Friday 24th April 2009 University of West England, Bristol, St Matthias Campus UK.
  • Ray Brassier
  • Iain Hamilton Grant
  • Graham Harman
  • Quentin Meillassoux
From Daily Humiliation. More information to follow no doubt, but interesting name change indicative perhaps (given some of Graham Harman's comments on the "umbrella term" that isn't a movement) of some clarifications of positions. Meillassoux himself of course seems happier with materialism rather than realism, in his case a materialism based upon the "meaningless symbols" of mathematics. Brassier and Harman we might consider to be definite realists (though the former definitively more eliminitavist than the latter).


Anonymous said...

It is a striking resemblance to the famous scene from John Woo's wonderful "A Better Tomorrow II":

I sense the need for a SR poster. As one reviewer of the film writes..."Unbelievable plot saved by the greatest action finale ever filmed..."

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