Thursday, 11 June 2009

For the greatest betrayal.

If only there were a misanthropy pure enough to become divested of its human shell. That it cannot be so, that is itself the quandary, the attempt at resolution via a limitropic reduction, an asymptote descending upon zero... poised between elimination, the betrayal of every prior world, and desertification... but where the desert itself, the absolute plane… is absent, though the process… continues… the desert is a mirage, but the dust… the dust is real. The effect however is of a tensor sign: between the drive towards unpeeling unto an impossible zero, and the contamination of the flesh- eliminativism as paradoxical, an endless ungrounding, tunnels and wormholes, insides and their insiders—at every layer a new conspiracy-- and yet... this paradox itself generates some kind of energy, an entropic energy, built upon a tensor sign- a generator of eddies of negentropy even within essentially utterly entropic abstract decay paths...

It is the impossibility of this zero=the real=that which both drives and confounds the process (the inhuman, OR the inside which is also the outside). But the process must continue - an accelerationism forever worstward, the worst the better, without any remorse or flip or dialectical reversal… (Negri is the same but with the negative switched to the positive, of course). A tensor sign between the purifying drive towards nullification at absolute zero and its eternal contamination by- flesh=the inadequacy of every subsequent conceptual regime- Hegel without absolute knowing, the pathway of doubt without redemption… where it is this inadequacy itself which perversely enables the mobilisation of non-dialectical negativity for subversive ends. It is the impossibility of the ultimate militant process (capitalistic abstraction/subsumption processes or technoscientific destruction of an endless regress of manifest images) which both will please the regressive Marxists amongst us (the limit cannot be breached) and yet which drives onwards… The ultimate betrayal is the impossibility of ever reaching the (non)-ground, the process is for nought, and yet it can never reach nought. The Human cannot slough off its skin, the physicist cannot find their Grand Unified Theory (or absolute univocal ontological component). The impossibility of the militant operation (desire to cleanse) lends it its metaterroristic function, a fury without end. Lies… all the way down.


anodynelite said...

I wish this post had a soundtrack.

Spent all day reading about the sorts of limits you're talking about here, and the percepts this tends to evoke have been bleeding through/across screens lately- quite a few of them, even.

kvond said...

I simply cannot agree that the human cannot slough its skin, for "the human" indeed is a historical concept, not an essential state. Perhaps once one is trapped in, has swallowed whole, the notion of "the human" it is very hard to get that kind of beast to shed, but the transformation starts further up the road.

nathan said...

what used to be called "deconstruction"

Nate said...

I'm not sure I follow - is misanthropy anti-human or is the goal to get beyond human/ism (such that human or not ceases to be a question, analogous to how a genuinely atheist culture would not proclaim god's inexistence but wouldn't engage in discussion of god's existence or inexistence)? If the latter then my hunch is that normative or prescriptive claims would have to go - the would-be-militant frustrated with the impossibility of a militant operation seems in part frustrated with the impulse for or normative framework justifying that militant operation.

Alex said...

Chuckes all the way down more like.

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